Designing with passion & purpose

My name is Wasil. I’m an UI and UX Designer. It means I design website or mobile or desktop applications. If you need help to communicate your value into the right costumer, need better impact on your sales web page, need to increase usability of your product, well, you are in the right place.

I can handle design job, web & mobile

You know design is matters. Don't sacrifice your business with that bad site. Start to re-position your brand. If you are fishing big fish you have to use proper bait. Standing out from the crowd is a key element to convincing your potential customers over your competitors.

My design process let me spend time understanding your industry and target market before starting the creative process. Beautiful websites that are easy to use convert visitors into customers. Here are some examples

Autogard - Automotive Services

Read my design process on addressing B2C platform problems in automotive industry. I go through step by step process how we tackled all the challenges and created design decision. Creating easier way for Singaporeans people to maintain their cars.

Stamp Collector - Loyalbox

Read Top Study Case of mine while working with talented team at Loyalbox. We bringing all possibilities to help people collect their coupon and award in their handy phone. Starbuck, Chatime, KFC, are few of them who trust our solution.

21 Cineplex Mobile Apps

Feel the pain when you access cineplex m-tix. Indeed. We have the same feeling as you. Cineplex is "Indonesian's most popular and authoritative source for movies" and by "popular", I mean it: the website brings over 160 millions visitors per month

Personal Delivery Solution - Etobee Mobile Apps

Read how I help etobee to discover new experience on package shipping. Delivering electronics, fashion, gadgets items from popular web & instagram delivered at the time and place you desire. New stage of delivery has come