— This is the portfolio of AR Wasil, I'm an UI/UX designer with engineering background. I help creating better experience and solve visual problems for you. My main focus is designing large scale mobile application, web and tools that lots of people happy to use for a very long time.


There is nothing much to say about my career stories but my life is quite challenging. I’m a designer, engineer, lecturer, and researcher. Mastered from Geomatics Engineering made me know a lot about maps, earth, satellite, and measuring things precisely. I graduated as an engineer and started working on geospatial industry while during campuss I do research many things and teach on other campuss as well. Experience as a researcher more than 3 years is my great asset to be an UX researcher. Moreover, being a youngest sales manager at worldclass company teach me about pitching, leadership and finding the right approach.

Then I encourage myself to live my passion. I love design since I was in high school by making a lot of print. My foundation in graphic design strengthen my UI work, where applying layout, typography, and color theory help guide the people I design product for. I love when I found people happy about my design work which useful to them.


I've been lucky enough to work with some faboulous team, speak at some awesome events and write for wonderful publications. Check out the resume to see the highlight.

Enough from me, lets talk about you.

I'm working side by side with other designer and super talented developers. We'll cover you from here. Click that red button and tell me what your direction. I'll be back to you within 2x24 hours.