We need a kickstart

November 10, 2015 1:44 am

You know, everyone says that ever single thing have a start. Maybe this is my starting to new life. What? My life changed. Not that big la, just a bit changed. New life as a freelance not intentionally a freelance cause, in the meantime I should be a gushcloud team. But somehow, my working visa rejected and I need more time to re-apply to the ministry.

Being a freelance is … (you can fill in the blank by yourself). Being a freelance is nice, if you can organize your time. You as a person need to keep your productivity. In terms of financial, freelance can be better than a regular day job. You can pick your job, could be several job at a time. Its just a possibilities. But sometime, you can have no client. days weeks and months. And you run out of money and you start to think to go back to your daily job. Well, that’s how program like Workshop and Paul Jarvis came in the first place, to cope such a fear.

In my humble opinion (people said it IMHO), the hardest part being freelance is to control yourself. You know, if you are free to do anything you want, what will you do? Sleeping. all. day. That’s what I scarry to. My negative side screaming loud to take a break every seconds and get lazy all the time. But you and I know, that we can’t. We can’t produce any goods by going lazy in the room. Especially when you’re working from home, super especially from your kosan (with bedromm behind you!). That’s challenging when you need to make a living and the other side you need to fight with your own enemy.

Being freelance has no career? The said. Is it true? Well, might be true might be not. Yes its true because as a freelancer we can’t see any ladder in our proffesional environment. That’s only me, that’s only my position there. I run the business, I run the works, and I got the profit. No one else so it is no career ladder to climb. But, if we think it on the very basic of career, what is the purpose? To take a better responsibilities, to get a better income, well at the end of the day you it leads you to be a better person. If you as a freelance can find the same purpose through another way yeah you have no worry about career.

Achmad Ramadhani Wasil
Tall, pale, and half-Cimahian. Full-time designer and half time engineer who occasionally dabbles in tech

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